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We are building a future since 1947…


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Hinojosa Group, a team. A common goal…

As a leader in the packaging industry, Hinojosa is considered to be one of the principal national business groups on this market. The company has been characterized for its fast growth and for big being always at the forefront of the latest innovations and technologies.

With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, Hinojosa Group is constituted by thirteen companies spread across Spain which have consolidated its presence in Europe through the European Alliance Blue Box Partners.


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> Our mission

To provide packing and packaging solutions which contribute competitive improvements in an efficient, innovative and sustainable way, through a highly qualified and committed human team.

> Our vision

To be leaders in solutions of corrugated cardboard packing and packaging for the different industries we work for.

We are an industrial group specialized in the development of packaging which have an optimal structure and design created by specific processes in order to satisfy the requirements of refrigerated transport to the different international markets.

> Our values

Our group has always sustained his development on the talent and on the corporate values of a team which has a common goal.


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5 reasons for integrate Hinojosa Group as a strategic partner of our clients

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  • 100% customer orientation.
  • All our group is focused on the client, satisfying him and providing efficient and profitable solutions for his business.
  • We are a partner, not only a supplier.
  • We want to listen to our clients and understand his business in order to provide it value.
  • We care about training our client’s teams.
  • We have an advanced consulting service specialized in product design, logistics and innovation.
  • Our aim is to find the best packaging solution.


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  • Innovation is essential in our business and is part of our DNA.
  • We have the support of a multidisciplinary team specialized in a corporate level.
  • We support and go with our clients in their innovations with solutions which generate a shared success.
  • Our team has the competences and the ability to develop exclusive products.
  • We have R&D+innovation teams in all our plants.
  • Innovation is the key factor which guarantees the continuity of our clients and moreover, the continuity of our corporation.
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  • Our engineering teams are integrated in each plant.
  • Our factories are located in plants of maximum efficiency for our clients.
  • All our manufacturing plants have management and quality control systems based on international ISO standards.
  • We own standardized models of operation management in our different plants.
  • Standardization, flexibility, competence and industrial integration are essential in our productive processes and in our customer service.
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Our competitive advantage and key factor is our integration in an industrial group that pay attention to the next points:

  • Reducing the exposure to market cycles.
  • Generating economy of scale and improving margins.
  • Optimizing planning and operational management.
  • The integration transforms a global market to a local market.
  • We are an industrial group with a strong growth vocation and an international leadership.
  • We are partner of our clients and we always search for long term relationships.
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  • Our main capital is our team, the people who makes our client’s goals a reality.
  • We have the best talent: this is our main competitive advantage.
  • We invest in talent, in knowledge, in competences development. We invest in future.
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> We think of your tranquillity

All the plants of our group have the main certifications of quality, food safety and environmental management, which are considered the most important certificates for production of packaging.



Get to know us better

We are an industrial group specialized in the development of packaging which have an optimal structure and design created by specific processes in order to satisfy the requirements of refrigerated transport to the different international markets.

With different printing techniques, we reach a special attractive in our packages and boxes in order to be better exhibited on the supermarket shelves.

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> Main areas of activity

Hinojosa Group develop its industrial activity in many sectors, specially food, agriculture, beverage and industrial, among others. And, increasingly, other specialty areas.


> Some business data

Below there is the evolution of our business, both in turnover and in millions of metres produced.

Evolution of our business in million euros

Evolution of production in million square meters

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